Project Management


Create your project actively and with commitment – VOON-Management guides you in the right direction.

Now it is your turn! During our trainings you will apply newly acquired knowledge in the areas in which you require the most assistance. It is time to gain the necessary project management skills and to execute them within your organisation.

For us at VOON-Management, project management is more than a number of tools, more than meeting deadlines, or compiling results or preparing reports for the executive board. Through our project management training, your staff will become active managers of the project team. Stakeholder Management, Risk Management, dealing with crisis and the delegation of resources – those are true project management competencies. Is it not really all about that?


Project Management Trainings
Options for Project Management trainings

Our Training goes beyond the teaching of methods. We offer step-by-step directions throughout the entire project. What’s more, we not only offer direction, we communicate knowledge and know–how - which you can integrate in your daily projects. During the training, it is already possible to effectively transform first approaches and plans into completing the everyday project phases. Obviously our trainer delivers knowledge, but the sharing of examples from the daily work experiences adds huge value.

Project management is not a passive matter, it’s an active state of affairs. Project teams are overly challenged to produce successful solutions. Bearing this in mind, the importance of the training and the fulfilment of duties and responsibilities play a decisive role. Make use of our project management training, profit from our experience and implement the gained impressions and content into your own projects.

Enough listening and reading – it is time to take advantage of efficient and strategic project management. With VOON-Management as a partner, it is possible to achieve this. Our project management experts are looking forward to meeting you and your organisation personally.

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