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A project consists of a unique set of processes consisting of coordinated and controlled activities with start and end dates, performed to achieve project objectives. Achievement of the project objectives requires the provision of deliverables conforming to specific requirements. A project may be subject to multiple constraints. Although many projects may be similar, each project is unique. Project differences may occur in deliverables provided, stakeholders influencing or the resources used. Every project has a definite start and end, and is usually divided into phases.

Source: The definition of a project in ISO 21500

Project Management Topics ranging from Single Project Management to Multi Pproject Management
Project Management Topics

Sounds complicated? We know it’s not always easy to reach the required goal, make the right decisions as well as stay within the agreed time frame. Choose innovation and efficiency through project management; cooperate with the right partner: VOON-Management.

Project management is gaining greater significance worldwide, one of the reasons is globalisation, as well as the progressing market dynamics and the associated flexibility within the organisation. Difficult economic times give project management a crucial competitive advantage.

Competitive advantage? This is the keyword – getting a head start on your competitors. You and your company have the opportunity to gain a huge advantage compared to your competitors - With successful project management.

:: are you able to execute assignments efficiently and within the given time frame?
:: are you implementing your strategies purposefully?
:: are you accomplishing a central discipline for organisational changes?

Between 25% and 30% of projects fail due to poor management. Does this apply in your case too? It need not be. Improve management of your company by taking advantage of the services of VOON-Management. By implementing our measures for personal and organisational development, you will experience project management as an extremely useful tool to support your organisation in reaching its goals.

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