Project Management


Manage your project efficiently and create functional conclusions for the future. VOON-Management intervenes and is part of your team for a certain period of time.

Time based management describes interim management perfectly. You plan a project and require staff for the execution? Through interim management provided by VOON-Management we offer not only the knowledge around project management, but we provide managers with knowledge for an uninterrupted time range.

An Interim Manager holds a key function. He or she ensures that the project goals are realised, steers the project management process and leads the project team. In Interim Management, VOON-Management sees the coordination of the complete project, by representing the project to the stakeholders, being responsible for the organisation of project meetings and demanding controlling measures.

Project Management - Interim-Management
Interim-Management topics in projects with VOON-Management GmbH

Interim Managers are experts. VOON-Management cooperate with project leaders who, without exception, are certified and have many years of experience and knowledge. Our interim managers can also act as project assistant or programme manager, should the need arise. In the case of Portfolio management, we also make our interim managers available. The experts from VOON-Management will take over the role of the Project Management Office (PMO). Main functions are the organisation and moderation of regular control meetings, the development of your project management and the adherence of defined standards.

If you are planning a project, in which you need the active participation of external experts, then VOON-Management is the right partner for you. You plan your project, you manage it efficiently, and we are your partner. Contact us - we are looking forward to meeting you and your organisation.