Process Management


Lean and strategic processes increase the efficiency within the corporation – it strengthens the customer focus and ensures long term competitive advantage – VOON Management will show you how to utilise this advantage.

Management and the optimisation of processes are not easy tasks, especially when it concerns your own company. Most of the time the processes are so incorporated, that it’s difficult to optimise efficiently. Often it requires an “outsider” to make the right moves at the right time.

This is a core competence of VOON-Management. In our trainings we specialise in the efficient and feasible communication of methods and procedures of process management design. Discover in our training which potential process management can unfold in your company and how you can initiate the way to get to optimal processes.

Process Management - Trainings
Options for Process management trainings

By practising process management you can create transparency, reveal potential for optimisation and lay the basis for continuous improvement. By designing your processes according to your corporate strategy and value added chain, you will ensure long term market success. Use the skills of VOON-Management to expose the full potential of process management in your corporation.

The central purpose of our training is the practicability and realisation of the acquired knowledge . In order to achieve these objectives, we offer basic principles and a number of in-depth modules. The following list will make evident where the acquired methods can be implemented:

… To intensify process optimisation methods
… We show you ways to optimise your process environment
… You learn how to organise your process office perfectly
… You learn methods of conducting process audits
… We show you international procedures and standards

Our experienced trainers will teach you the most important aspects around process management by providing vigorous input, many examples and interactive group exercises. To ease your daily work, you will receive a complete package of guidelines and tools from us. You can use these to apply the acquired knowledge in your work environment afterwards.

VOON-Management is your reliable partner in process management – from the introduction of the essential management methods to the in-depth specialised areas. Contact us – our professional process managers would like to meet you.